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izaya shizuo :iconmiichaelis:miichaelis 110 26 Durarara: Izaya :iconyuki-k:yuki-k 815 55
This is Unbreakable Izaya x Reader
“So what did you buy for Izaya? I would think he’d be the most difficult to buy a present for.” You walk down the street, tucking the small red wrapped present under your arm and sticking your hand in your pocket. The streets are filled with people running to shops to buy Christmas presents or enjoying the decorations in windows. You stop in front of a toy store and smile at the toy train going around a Christmas tree, small puffs of smoke coming out from the top of the toy.
“Erika I have been his girlfriend for four years now. I would like to think I can buy a decent present for him. But you’re completely right; he’s difficult to buy for because his interests can change in a blink of an eye. It’s a secret to what I got him so you’ll have to wait to see on Christmas.” You giggle at her loud whine. “Have you gotten anything for Kyohei, Saburo, or Walker?”
You walk pass the toy store and head towards a candy store. You ope
:iconfirelightphoenix:FireLightPhoenix 406 151
izaya old spice parody
look at your man. now back at me. now back to your man. now back to me. sadly, he isn't me, but if he stopped mindlessly beating people and smoking those cigarettes he could smell like me. Look down, back up, where are you? You're in 'bukuro with the man your man could smell like. What's in your hand, back at me. I have it, it's a girl's cell phone, freshly cracked from my hobby. Look again, the cell phone is now diamonds. Anything is possible when your man smells like Orihara Izaya and not Shizu-chan. I'm on a horse.
:iconpa-chi-chi-chi:pa-chi-chi-chi 60 23
DRRR - Izaya's experiment :icontenshi-no-hikari:Tenshi-no-Hikari 8,023 857 Orihara Izaya :iconinma:inma 1,885 68 Izaya Orihara :iconprince-lelouch:Prince-Lelouch 360 45 izaya :iconarpegius1997:arpegius1997 1,287 92 IZAYA wallpaper :iconwashu-m:Washu-M 3,718 195 Izaya :icononitesura:OniTesura 1,277 114 Izaya and Shizuo - Bad Romance :iconkulama:KULAMA 1,016 66 Sketch commission-DRRR- Shizuo :iconha2693:HA2693 861 64
~Manga Madness~ Shizuo Heiwajima X Reader
Warning: Contains mild language, and an implied sexual situation
Ikebukuro. A city plagued by gangs, violence, and flying vending machines. Here, almost anything was possible. You learned that the hard way when you first moved to this city.
You were young when your parents divorced. Because of conflicting job offers and custody issues, your father and older brother moved to Japan while you stayed in America with your mother. When you got older, your brother suggested that you move to Japan and into his new apartment with him.
It didn't take much to convince you before you were off to the city of Ikebukuro.
Of course, you weren't expecting your new arrival to be welcomed by a nearly fatal encounter with an uprooted stop sign flying through the air in your direction. To make matters worse, a young man with black hair tried using you as a human shield while a blonde haired man wearing a bartender outfit charged after him while yelling, "IZAYAAAA!!"
After that little fiasco, your
:iconoppafaustusstyle:OppaFaustusStyle 462 129
Fem! Shizuo Cosplay :iconkiaraberry:KiaraBerry 286 36 Shizuo - Selty: Mhmmmm.......? :iconmajin-sama:Majin-sama 780 69 Shizuo Noire :iconamerican-superman:american-superman 675 58


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